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Succeeding in today’s highly competitive fresh produce market can be challenging – and for those wishing to engage in organic farming these challenges can be even more daunting. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of running an organic farming business is to identify appropriate markets. Markets for organic produce are not as mature as those those conventional produce and clear market analysis is absolutely essential.   A great business plan is extremely important when planning for a successful organic farming enterprise.   A good business plan should feature the following components:   1. A description of the enterprise and an executive summary of the contents of the business plan. 2. An extremely detailed marketing plan – with an analysis of the related costs. 3. An outline of the key business personnel, including management (with a summary of their qualifications). 4. An outline of how the production will take place. This should […]

  Thanks to the increasing media attention on growing health issues, many people all over the world have switched to organic products. The biggest difference between organic and non-organic products is that organic products are grown without the use of any artificial or synthetic chemicals. There are a number of other conditions that need to be fulfilled for a produce to be certified as organic food. However, organic farming is not as straightforward as it seems. Here are some interesting organic farming facts for you:   One of the biggest advantages of organic farming for farmers is that the organic food is normally priced higher than the conventional food. The price is up to 30% higher in some cases and in other cases, the premium can be twice the price of conventional food. Such high premium on organic food is extremely important for small farmers for them to continue organic […]

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