Reducing The Cost Of Organic Food For Farmers

There is a growing need to put in place some kind of system or systems that will help lower the cost of producing organic food to feed the growing masses of people in our country. As our nation rapidly grows in population, we continue to get further away from the reality that without food we cannot survive as a people. The growing desire for financially feeding our bank accounts has become the number one priority in our individual lives due to the fact that bills must be paid to have shelter over our heads and power to generate the many necessary and unnecessary conveniences that make our lives comfortable and manageable. The majority of people in our country take our food supply for granted.
When you walk into a grocery store to purchase food, do you enter the store with your mind focused on how the food was grown and delivered to that location? Do you ever think about all the manpower used to plant the produce, raise the animals, prepare and package the products for you to simply choose from and take it home to your family? The majority of people could care less how the food gets there. All that matters to the majority of our country’s citizens is that the food is there when we arrive to purchase it.
There are millions of people around the world that don’t have the luxury or finances to think or live their lives that way. Large or even small quantities of pesticides, herbicides and other man-made harmful chemicals are not readily available throughout the world. The use of these chemicals means big business in our country because they contribute to the faster and more abundant production of food to keep up with our countries need to be fed.
The problems with our reliance on chemicals include the fact that serious harm is being done to our bodies that results in more and more medications being produced to combat the illnesses. Which in turn results in a whole different set of harmful bodily results. It has become one big overwhelming and vicious cycle that appears to have been avoided in many ways by a number of communities around the world that avoid the use of such chemicals.
There is so much for us to learn and accomplish by restructuring our views and refocusing our efforts in a way that will promote and drive a very active and ongoing food force that every man woman and child should take part in. There is no doubt that the survival of our families matter which means that our survival as a nation is a “family matter” that should be taken very seriously on all levels.
The following are a few ideas that may help to reduce the cost of organic food for farmers and the community as a whole. As a team our nation can make a huge difference here on our homeland to become less reliant on other countries that seem to obviously have come up with more healthy solutions and methods for feeding their own populations and still have enough left over to ship into our country.
Paying the extremely high shipping costs for transporting food from other countries makes food much more readily available in a much faster way as opposed to waiting on crops and animals to mature and be sent to market. Those costs are passed down through the ranks until they eventually reach the pocketbooks of our families. The sad reality of our families being subjected to this type of situation is that millions of families are left with making the decision to pay the light bill or put food on their family’s table.
By increasing our countries internal food sources we can become more independent. Sources such as community gardens, home based gardens and even state-sponsored gardens can benefit us tremendously.
The question is, ” how can growing vegetables in my backyard or inside my home help solve our country’s food problem?”
The answer is quite simple. The more organically grown food we can produce on the basic levels of our society the less dependent we will become on people and sources that are many thousands of miles away. The less chemicals that we use the better our chances of living healthy lives.
We have heard the song and dance for many years, off and on, through many different channels and it still only seems like talk. There was a time in our not so distant history when our families truly believed in gardening for health and nutrition on the family level. Vegetable gardens and even livestock were visible while simply driving down the road or when taking a walk.
Families would trade and barter vegetables or meat, jellies and jams for flour and wheat. Our country can recover if we just stand strong and believe in our abilities to become independent.