The Huge Advantage That Organic Vegetable Farming Has For A Healthy Lifestyle

When you think about it, life is full of many different complicated choices that we all have to make. As you go through your day, there are many small choices that could make that might lead to much longer and healthier life, if you only knew what they were. One of those is eating organic food while eliminating other chemical laden and toxic foods. Of course, one of the first things that comes to mind is the high cost of eating organically, as well as the inconvenience. These are but mere excuses because just the price of one toxin infused fast food meal can easily pay for all the organic fruits and vegetables that you would need for an entire week.

What Does It Mean To Be Organic And What Is Organic Vegetable Farming?

organic vegetables
As more and more consumers are becoming health-conscious and educated concerning their food, organic fruits and vegetables are becoming much more popular. The problem arises from many of the insecticides and herbicides that farmers use on their crops, causing long-term hormonal imbalances in many children.
There are also suspicions that certain pesticides are causing autism, ACHD, plus have links to many different kinds of cancers and immune diseases. Researchers are working hard to discover all of the different connections to many of the diseases that are on the rise today, but there’s no reason why you need to wait, as healthy organic foods are available now.
Organic foods can cost more for the farmer to raise because he first has to wait up to five years for all the pesticides and herbicides to clear off of his fields before he can even begin to become certified. Once the farmer has planted his crops he can then no longer use any form of chemical herbicides, insecticides, or fungicides on his crops.
What this means to the farmer is that, due to waste caused by pests, he’ll most likely get only about 80% as much produce from the same amount of tillable land. Once those crops have been harvested he’s also going to have to process them without using any kinds of chemicals to help them ripen, color them for better cosmetics, and he cannot apply any fungicides to help keep them from rotting prematurely. This can considerably raise the costs of organic vegetable farming.

Labor Costs In The Field And During Harvesting Are Also Much Higher

Not being able to use herbicides between the rows of vegetables or underneath the fruit trees increases the cost of manual labor to keep those areas clean of weeds and other undesirable plants. This adds quite a bit to the cost of maintaining the fields.
After harvesting, many fruits and vegetables are sprayed with various kinds of fungicides to kill the microbes that cause rot. This will eventually lead to more of the fruits and vegetables rotting before they can be purchased at the store. This also increases the amount of labor all along the way in detecting and eliminating the faster rotting produce.

The Best Ways To Make Use Of Organic Vegetable Farming Is With A Slow Cooker

Obviously fast food at the local burger restaurant is a fairly easy choice to make when you’re hungry, however, there are enough chemicals in an average meal to totally ruin your organic eating routine. The chemicals, preservatives, and flavor enhancers that have been added to all of the processed foods are not only bad for you, but really cost far more than eating organic at home.
By buying a high-quality computer controlled slow cooker for your kitchen, you can prepare a meal in the morning in about 15 minutes, then have it ready and waiting for you when you get home from work. You can use all organic ingredients and feed a family of four for less than half price of the fast food restaurant.
In addition to that, you can visit an organic farm and buy several weeks worth of all-natural organic produce, then spend several hours cutting, peeling, and chopping fruits, vegetables and organic meats, then place them into freezer bags for later use in the crock pot. A quick online search will show that there are hundreds of recipes available for “make ahead slow cooker meals” online.
This is a great habit to get into as you can cook these meals nearly fat-free using high-quality produce, beans, meats and spices with no added fats. This is an excellent way to eat healthier, lose weight, save time, and plenty of money on your food budget.
If you haven’t decided to go completely organic with all of your meals, you should at least spend some time online and read about the many preventable diseases that eating unhealthily are suspected of causing. Then, take the time to read through some of the recipes for crock pot cooking and you’ll be convinced that that’s the way to go for a longer and more healthy life for you and your family.