The Art of Successful Farming

  The occupation of farming has been with mankind from the beginning of time. In fact, when God told Adam and Eve that they should make their living by the sweat of their brow, mankind has tilled the soil ever since then.   Today, farming is a big business and a fascinating thing to observe. […]

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All about Industrial Farming Today and its Effects

industrial farming

Today, behind worldwide massive food production lies industrial farming, driving food niches from fast food chains to instant microwavable food. Industrial farming’s main features are single-crop farms and animal coops. Hailed in the past as an industrial miracle, today an increasing chorus of farming experts, researchers and policy makers think the industrial agriculture sector is […]

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Different Farming Methods You Should Know

farming methods

  Farming utilises land or water areas as facilities for food production, mainly for agricultural practice or for aquaculture. Useful commodities include among others: Grains Fish Livestock Fibre Several farming methods are practiced worldwide. Some of these include: Subsistence Farming Characterized by farmers having small and scattered land areas, most farmers practicing this method are […]

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Sustainable Farming Solutions of the Future

In order to increase profits and feed a growing population, agriculture has increasingly turned to factory farming methods. For a while, it looked like the traditional family farm was going extinct as major farming corporations began to take over the agricultural business. There is nothing wrong with farms that work efficiently, but there may be […]

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Farming with Better Crops

Farming has become a major industry across the world. However, people need to realise that farming is also one of the industries that is having a difficult time in attracting the younger generation. This means that it could start to fail to provide the required amount of crops to help support the world’s population. This […]

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