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  There is a growing need to put in place some kind of system or systems that will help lower the cost of producing organic food to feed the growing masses of people in our country. As our nation rapidly grows in population, we continue to get further away from the reality that without food we cannot survive as a people. The growing desire for financially feeding our bank accounts has become the number one priority in our individual lives due to the fact that bills must be paid to have shelter over our heads and power to generate the many necessary and unnecessary conveniences that make our lives comfortable and manageable. The majority of people in our country take our food supply for granted.   When you walk into a grocery store to purchase food, do you enter the store with your mind focused on how the food was […]

  When it comes to eating better, almost everyone knows that we should eat more fruits and vegetables, and less red meat. Researchers say, especially processed red meat, like sausages, hotdogs, bologna and ham, because these have all been treated with plenty of chemicals and are full of additives. In addition to these meats being harmful to our circulatory systems, they’re also linked to several different kinds of cancers. But when we head to the store, many times the price of organic foods can be a lot higher. The fact is, there are some kinds of foods you should only buy organic, no matter what the cost, and others are pretty good just buying regular.   Exactly What Drives The Cost Of Organic Foods Higher? Although part of the reason these foods cost more is because there is a higher demand for them, they’re also more expensive for the farmers […]

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