Pesticides have a two-fold impact. They are targeting one population of insects, for instance, but end up having an impact on an unintended recipient of their killing effect. This poses a particularly alarming impact on the bee population.     But, Bees Are Everywhere!   It might seem like you still see bees all over the place during the warm season, but their numbers are declining at an alarming rate. The reason it is important to preserve bees is that they are integral to the pollination of plants, which means that they are integral to the whole ecosystem of the whole planet. If they die off or drop drastically in number, then it would stand to reason that the overall system of plants on the planet would have a tough time surviving as well.   How Bees Are Killed   Bees can be killed in a few manners. One way […]

  It seems as though as a society we spray pesticides indiscriminately on plants that we think we don’t want, and unfortunately the pesticides don’t always end up where we intend them to.   In essence, pesticides are meant to kill insects and other pests, but far too often the pesticide spray ends up going “out of bounds” so to speak, and they cause very harmful effects on other organisms besides those of which they are intended for.   Younger organisms of every species, including human children are very susceptible to the effects of these pesticides, and the brutal aftereffects are not always apparent until much later in life..   Most pesticides affect the nervous system and such symptoms as memory loss, reduced ability to see, uncontrolled and altered mood swings, coordination loss, and reduced motor skills are the result.   Other more serious conditions such as cancer, asthma, allergies, […]

  Soil erosion is one of the most important threats facing our planet today. Fertile soil is the delicate membrane upon which agriculture and the growth of all plant life on the face of the planet depend. This covering is today under threat due to the activities of man, as well as changing weather conditions. Heavy agricultural land use, as well as weather conditions can strip away this delicate layer of productive soil. Once it is gone it can take hundreds of years to build up again due to the fact that organic material is required to return the soil to a condition where it can support plant life.   According the the World Wildlife Fund the last 150 years has seen approximately 50% of the world’s topsoil disappear.   One of the reasons that soil erosion is becoming an increasing problem is that agricultural crops are increasingly replacing naturally […]

Organic farming has been around since the beginning of time and is considerably the best way to farm to this date. This farming method involves growing crops and livestock without using any chemical pesticides, antibiotics, genetically modified organisms or growth hormones to increase harvest. This is the reason why organically produced foods are of the best quality, highly nutritious and tastier than conventional food products. Should the soil’s nutrient content drop, farmers use organic fertilizer such as manure to restore its richness. This again helps sustain a productive and healthy environment to grow crops and rare animals without necessarily using any synthetic fertilizer or pesticides. Discussed below are a few organic farming methods that help maintain soil fertility and maintain/enhance ecological harmony without affecting the ecosystem.   1. Crop Rotation   Crop rotation is an agricultural technique that involves alternating crops growing in each plot/field to help maintain soil fertility. […]

Enhanced Fertilisers

  Another important aspect of the future of agriculture include the replacing of fertiliser. Fertilisers will be improved to provide more nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. These elements are essential for plants to build amino acids and cell walls. Scientists are now experimenting with naturally occurring microbes in order to produce effective fertilisers for future plants and crops. The latest experiments showed that field-grown tomato plants fed with microbes would produce 90% more fruits than normal conditions. This is the importance of the latest fertiliser of the crops.

The world has a real challenge to feed nine billion people by 2050. The land area is getting less and less. This is the real problem after all. But the scientist are working hard to create the second green revolution. But to feed nine billion people by 2050 is everyone’s problem. Maximising Land Area Intensive farming is an agricultural system that aims to get the maximum yield from the available land area. Growth with Precision The second important feature of farming solutions for the future include growth with precision. High Yield Crops There are more than 50% of the world’s population who depend on rice as a staple crop.

  Farming on an industrial basis has always been an intriguing concept, but it really got off to grand proportions in the early 2000s. Another name for such enterprises is concentrated feeding animal operations. This is as noted by the proliferation of feed lots for hogs and cattle that grew like mushrooms in the Midwest.   It was found that it was cheaper to be able to grow and feed large numbers of livestock in a limited geographical area. Controlling their feed and adding hormones, antibiotics, as well as other nutrients to add weight and offset disease is as well much cheaper.   Another area of fast growth due to industrialized farming methods is found with poultry, especially chickens and turkeys. Millions of birds are grown under controlled conditions to supply the wants and needs of the buying public. This is both domestically in the United States and shipped abroad […]

  Cheaper Food One of the benefits of doing industrial farming is that you are able to sell your harvested products at a lot cheaper price. This is great opportunity for the consumers and buyers. It is because this means that less goes out of their pocket and they get to spend more on other things. It is a lot cheaper too because it is like a factory set up. So, you do not have to make sure that they grow naturally or anything. They are not organic, which makes the entire process so much easier for everyone.   A Lot More Variety As you can see, the crops are a lot cheaper when it comes from industrial farming. This means that the farmers that are growing these products can budget for different types of crops they want to grow and sell. This helps the local people to have more […]

  A lot of people really enjoy farming. But some of them do not even realize that there are many different styles of farming. There is actually no one standard style of farming. It really depends on what you are trying to make and distribute. In fact, there being just so many of them that only a few will be discussed in this article. Though, you should be able to find more information of them online as there has been so much research done on this topic beforehand. For those who are looking to just get a little information on the general topic, then you should keep on reading as this article highlights one of the important styles of farming.   As mentioned earlier, there are several types of farming. One of the most common types is the organic farming. A lot of you may have heard of this term […]

  The occupation of farming has been with mankind from the beginning of time. In fact, when God told Adam and Eve that they should make their living by the sweat of their brow, mankind has tilled the soil ever since then.   Today, farming is a big business and a fascinating thing to observe. To become a successful farmer these days, you should have to embrace lots of hard work of the thinking kind. It is because farming takes good business principles and decision making ability.   Some farmers are tending 500 to 1000 acres or more of land using some of the most sophisticated machineries on the planet. If you could sit beside the farmer when he is farming his fields, you would see a computer display in his combine harvester that feeds off of a satellite, showing his rows and his position at all times.   That […]

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