Discover The Different Types Farm Equipment

Farm equipment is not cheap, but for a farmer it is one of the most important investments they are going to make. This is when a lot of people, especially those who have never had any type of interaction with a local agriculture business outside of the farmers market may need to discover the different types of farm equipment. By knowing about this equipment and some of the associated cost of working on the equipment, people will tend to stop complaining about the price of their food and start to appreciate it quite a bit more than what they did before.

Tractors are one piece of equipment that everyone is familiar with. While people may not realize this it is also one of the more expensive parts of equipment for a farmer to buy as well. The reason for this is a combine is partially a tractor and a tool at the same time and those can cost upwards of a quarter of a million dollars. The good news is this is one piece of equipment that almost everyone will recognize because it is shown on shows of all types, but also everyone loves looking at big tractors.

Disc And Plows



This is a piece of equipment that is starting to fall into disfavor because of the various no till practices that are being used. However, on smaller farms this is a tool that is still in use and one that will break the ground up to make it easier for the planters to get into the ground and get the seeds to the level they are supposed to be at. Maintenance on this piece of of equipment is generally only sharpening the points, but also ensuring the tires are working properly.


This is the piece of equipment that will take and put the seeds into the ground. However, their are a couple of different types of planters with the one being the usual row planter that is used for corn, but also a grain drill. These are both planters that are going to put the seeds in, but depending on what people are planting will determine what kind of planter needs to be used. For example, corn will use a traditional row type of planter. However, with soybeans and wheat the planters they are going to use a grain drill. This is going to get the seeds in the ground at the proper depth, but also space them out evenly to allow for growth.



Sprayers by werktuigendagen (originally posted to Flickr as PICT0644) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

When people are looking at a sprayer they need to realize their are two common types that are in use. People will generally see the ones that can be pulled behind a tractor with the large arms that fold out. These are portable and usually less expensive for farmers to use, but is limited in its use because once the plants are growing it can lead to them getting crushed. The other type of sprayer people generally will find is the ones that are their own vehicle. These are usually taller and can go over the rows of corn as the bottom of the sprayer is typically eight to twelve feet tall.

Harvesting Tools

Each plant is going to require a different type of harvesting tool, but for the most part they can all be harvested with a combine or other specialized tool. These pieces of equipment are generally almost as expensive, if not more expensive than some of the other pieces of equipment on the farm combined. However, these are tools that are going to make it easier to get in the harvest in a timely manner, but also make it easier for people to avoid damaging the crop because of how it is going to harvest the plants.

When people are looking at the farm equipment that a farmer has to use each day, they are generally shocked about how many pieces of equipment are available, but also at the prices. To avoid this problem people need to know more about the different types of farm equipment and how they are going to make a difference in the work the farmer is doing and how it will help them out in the long run.