How To Choose The Right Lighting For Your Home

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When the lighting in your home is good, you will rarely notice it. However, when you are trying to perform a task with poor lighting, you will definitely notice it and start thinking of solutions on how to correct it. Lighting provides ambiance, improves the overall aesthetics, allows you to see better and perform tasks in your home as well.

Whether you are building a new home, renovating your old home or simply looking to improve the lighting in your apartment, you can rely on these expert lighting tips from Melbourne lighting for the best results.

1) Safety And Security Lighting For The Exterior

Anything in the exterior of your homes such as sidewalks, walkways or perimeter should include ambient lighting. If you install dim lighting to the exterior of your home, you are inviting intruders. On the other hand, installing bright exterior lighting is often too costly and will be disturbing to your neighbors. You can install floodlights in the exterior corners of your house, especially motion activated ones, to deter any trespassers. If available, use the neighborhood guidelines to determine the right exterior lighting for your home.

2) Improve Exterior Lighting Décor With Wall Scones

You don’t need to settle for utilitarian outdoor lighting because there are many options out there. For instance, with wall scones, you can create washes of light against the walls that create the best ambiance, especially in the evening. With directional scones, either pointing downwards or upwards, you can focus on the architectural elements of your home, thus drawing a lot of attention to the plantings and niches around the exterior of your home.

3) Multiple Lighting Sources In Any Space

Melbourne lighting experts reveal that using multiple lighting sources for any space inside your home is definitely a good idea. Any area like the kitchen, living spaces or bedrooms can benefit from this idea. That is because the multiple sources of lighting can help you achieve various activities and functions within the same area. For instance, if you place any lighting under the counters in your kitchen, you can take advantage of task lighting accordingly. On the other hand, you can add a floor lamp next to your couch or reading chair for the best results. Also, your bathroom would benefit from a lighting source near the mirror to remove any shadows and prevent glaring light.

4) Recessed Lighting

If you have high ceilings or modern décor, recessed lighting would definitely come in handy. These are light fixtures made from recessed metal cans then inserted into the ceiling after the light fixture has been installed inside. They are very subtle light fixtures and are often directional.

Alternatively, they can provide different ranges of lighting such as dim or bright if they are connected to dimmer switches.

5) Night Lighting For Kids’ Rooms

If you have young children or an infant, you need to choose the right lighting for the nursery and the kids’ rooms. You need to consider the right lighting for your children when they are asleep. Keep in mind that most young children are scared of the dark but night lights can help considerably. With night lights, your children can sleep comfortably without being scared of the dark and will also help you navigate through the rooms if you need to.

For the nursery, you should consider adding a dim wall scone or a simple table lamp to help with proper lighting when you need to rock your infant to sleep or change diapers.

6) Chandeliers For Dining And Living Areas

When looking for the right lighting for your dining room, you need to consider chandeliers. However, make sure you choose the right chandelier otherwise space will look completely outdated. Make sure your chandelier fits into space and the surrounding décor for the best results. You don’t have to go all out when looking at chandeliers because there are also some simple designs such as small bulbs, faux candles, expensive and ornate crystals and much more. Depending on your décor choice, you should measure the space, and the height of your ceiling before ordering any chandeliers. That way, you can guarantee there is enough headroom once you have hung the chandelier in the house.

7) Create A Good First Impression With Proper Lighting

Did you know that your foyer and either make a good or bad impression to anyone walking through your home? That is why you need to consider the right lighting for your foyer or halls. Here, you can always consider adding a contemporary pendant or traditional chandelier for the best results. Alternatively, you can also add a lighting fixture close to the ceiling to provide the basic lighting needs and create a very welcoming atmosphere for anyone walking into your home.

Melbourne Lighting | SatelightWhat Are The Benefits Of Adding Proper Lighting To Your Home

You can use Melbourne Lighting for any lighting and illumination needs for your home and enjoy the following benefits.

a) Proper lighting provides the best safety and security both inside and outside your home. For instance, with the right exterior lighting, you can keep the trespassers and intruders away. If you take advantage of motion-activated lighting for your exterior, you will keep both you and your family safe. On the other hand, you can also take advantage of security lighting to light up the staircase for safety purposes. If anyone in your home, including your kids, know where they are stepping when going up the stairs, you can avoid a lot of accidents.

b) You can do your tasks a lot faster if there is proper performance lighting in your home, especially in the busiest areas such as the kitchen. For instance, if there is lighting under the kitchen counters, it would be easier to prepare food effortlessly without relying on overhead lighting. On the other hand, you should also consider adding cabinet lighting to remove any shadows and provide critical light to the entire workplace comfortably.

c) Proper lighting will also provide the right ambiance required by different rooms in your home. For instance, the bedroom requires dimmer light than the living room or dining room to allow you to sleep properly every night. However, if you need to pick up a book before going to bed, you can add a table lamp for the best results. You can take advantage of recessed lighting for your living room to improve the ambiance and provide a more welcoming and relaxing look.

d) The right lighting fixtures will also blend in with your existing architecture and décor to improve the overall aesthetics of your home. Whether you are using wall scones, chandeliers and other lighting fixtures, make sure that they are perfect for your décor in every room in your home.

Why Consider Natural Lighting While Adding Light Fixtures

If you put your home in the market right now, you will find that most potential buyers are interested in a properly lit home. They might even come to see it at different times of the day or night just to make sure that there is both proper lighting at night and natural lighting during the day. Therefore, if you are thinking about adding a few lighting fixtures, make sure that the natural lighting illuminates the home perfectly during the day.

In conclusion, there are many things you need to consider when choosing the right lighting for your home. By asking the experts, Melbourne lighting, you can rest assured that your entire home is well lit both during the day and at night.